The four week Money Makeover Program - OPEN FOR ENROLMENT!

  • Are you always dreaming about the day you'll live your best life?
  • Wondering how you wll ever have the money you want to have at the rate you are going?
  • Tired of wondering how other people are manifesting but you aren't?
  • Ready to change the way money works in your life? 
  • Ready to uplevel to a place where you have ANYTHING you want?
  • To learn how to adopt a mindset of success and expectation for money to come in, to live a life of freedom, to finally manifest money and gifts of value?

I've gone from feeling desperate to understand how I can bring in money, not knowing how I will ever pay off my debt, not being able to see how I'll ever bring more money in.... to abundant, manifesting all of the time, earning a six figure income and now following my dreams and working for myself when I want to!

I now teach others to manifest their dreams lives and businesses - and money mindset is a huge part of that, as my clients want the freedom, travel and abundance to live exactly as they want to!

The Money Makeover program has run successfully through SEVEN rounds now - with participants all manifesting their investments back, and results up to several thousands of totally unexpected income manifested in just the first four weeks of the program!

"I’ve gone from trying to manifest money and getting nothing to manifesting a £75 cheque and a £2,000 tax rebate IN THE SAME WEEK!!! I am absolutely positive there is more to come too! I spoke to Jennifer too about making a payment plan and we sorted something that worked!!! GO FOR IT GUYS YOU WONT REGRET IT! And thank you for all the guidance! I feel like this is the start of a brand new chapter for me."

A. Bass, U.K.

The Money Makeover is a self-study program that you work to change your money energy FAST.

 It will show you how to;

- Manifest the flow of money into your life

- Remove money blocks and limiting beliefs to bring money in

- Understand why money hasn't shown up for you before in the way you wanted it to

- Know what you MUST do to manifest money, and what you must stop doing!

 - Become an energetic match to receiving money and to keeping hold of it!

 -  Learn to allow money to come through in unexpected ways (great if your income is capped and you can't see a way that it will happen)

- Learn how money relates to self-love and forgiveness- and do a powerful clearing energy technique to remove old money memories

- Understand all the tricks and manifestation tactics I used in order to get myself a 4x payrise and £4000 days 

- Learn how money is not something random, it is a relationship that you hold and nurture

What people are saying about The Money Makeover

K.Hutchinson, Spain

K.Hutchinson, Spain

K.Hutchinson, Spain

I set a target of €1000 for this makeover and I have hit just over €2500 !!!

I lost track of all the gifted drinks, free entrance to clubs nights. 

I feel I have only just got started.  
Thanks Jennifer for sharing all your knowledge and experience. 😍

C. Ellis, U.S.A

K.Hutchinson, Spain

K.Hutchinson, Spain

I have NEVER tried any law of attraction work EVER in my life! 

Originally, I thought it was a bit woo woo, but my sister invited me to take a Money Manifesting class with Jennifer Grace. My sister said all I needed was an open mind and to do the work she assigned. I thought sure. I can do that and it can't hurt to try, right? 

In the last week of the class she asked each of us to total our amount that we manifested.  I totalled mine 5 times before I actually believed the result. I MANIFESTED $15,000! Jennifer Grace does amazing work! Stop saying it is hokie and just try! You will be amazed with the results!

K. Piotrowska, U.K.

K.Hutchinson, Spain

K. Piotrowska, U.K.


Hi Jennifer, I thought I'd give you a quick April  update. 

I've beaten my monthly record by a massive amount. My monthly gross income for April (to be received in May) is a little over 6400 GBP! I've beaten my record by OVER a 1.1 k! And May is already at 2.9 k (I get that in June) - which is fabulous. That is just crazy to me! This includes new clients, easy projects, interesting and engaging tasks and a lot of fun!

Thank you so much!

N. Brooks, U.K.

R. Christie, New Zealand

K. Piotrowska, U.K.

This group has made a massive difference to my mindset around money. I'm grateful of saving money even if it's only a pound. 

Up until yesterday I have manifested £1325.38!! through gifts, discounts, tips at work and refunds.

Thank you Jen! I can't wait to start my next phase with you and I hope everyone else has or will have great results from this training xxx

A. Rogers, U.S.A.

R. Christie, New Zealand

R. Christie, New Zealand

So many great things are happening financially—just thought I would share! 

I have been offered more and more opportunities at work. Yay! Also, I went to buy furniture for my dream apartment that I will be moving into next week and I got multiple huge discounts! After purchasing my couch, I was looking to buy things for my place like tv, kitchen gadgets, etc. and I got a message from my stepmother saying not to buy anything because everyone is buying those big ticket items for my Christmas presents!

R. Christie, New Zealand

R. Christie, New Zealand

R. Christie, New Zealand

Ah, I can't quite believe the speed of this month! It's been so insightful for me Jennifer - thank you! Really helped me understand more about my relationship with money, and how I think about money. I loved the tools, tips and techniques. The biggest insight for me was when I  realised how poorly I'd treated money all these years. I'll definitely be continuing my practices. 

Another thing that's been really powerful is getting up close and personal with my finances which I had definitely been avoiding doing.

And my total manifesting was £1781.85!

PLUS you receive these bonuses - value £500!

**Energetic Abundance Bundle**

This two part course will show you the exact methods I used to uplevel my entire life, and change my money story. Stepping into the version of the new you energetically must be done before everything else catches up – and this will allow you to do just that.

Expect to – identify blocks to bringing in your own abundance (and clear them!!), ramp up your energy and become and energetic match to receiving your biggest dreams and desires, and go through delicious guided meditation processes to massively change your vibration. You also receive some powerful journaling processes to really dig into your uplevel.

This was originally recorded as a private course over a weekend, which I would recommend you follow too – two days of immersing yourself in this energy brings powerful results!

**Get Out of Debt Bundle**

Debt is just a four letter word. This bundle will show you how to reframe debt so you can stop feeling overwhelmed, and start to release and reduce your debt and manifest overflow!

**The Mindset to Manifest Bundle**

Includes a night time guided visualisation, to use before sleep for best results, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep immediately afterwards. 

This visualisation is powerful and will allow you to focus on your desires, in order to manifest your dreams! 

Also includes how to Manifest with your Mindset through Journaling. 

I show you exactly why working on your mindset matters so much, and how you can do it with maximum effect through journaling.

I walk you my through personal journalling processes for strengthening my mindset, working through difficult issues, re-aligning into a high vibe state, powerfully and quickly changing my circumstances, and bringing in my desires in record speed!


are you ready? it's a self study program - start today!!

Pay In Full - £497


- Access to a private members area where the Money Makeover training videos will be released each week 

- Lifetime access to the program, so you can repeat and revisit as much as you want to

- START IMMEDIATELY WITH THE BONUS training video bundles (shown above)

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4 Weekly Payments of £140


-  Access to a private members area where the Money Makeover training videos will be released each week 

- Lifetime access to the program, so you can repeat and revisit as much as you want to

Please note - when joining you'll be prompted to set up an account in the members area, by creating your own username and password