About Me


I’m Jen, Corporate Career Girl turned Coach and Entrepreneur. I’m also a self-development junkie, psychology obsessive, travel enthusiast, and that person that you see running down the road and jumping over fences after somebody else’s dog just so they can pet it. (Not even sorry about it!)

One of the biggest things about me, and one that I am really open about, is that I have been a self-saboteur.  I spent so long in spin with my business - trying to figure out who I was serving, how to speak to them and starting and stopping in different directions.  It delayed my business growth, and of course I regularly compared my chapter one to everyone else's chapter 20, and made it so much more difficult than it needed to be. Sound familiar?

The truth with me is that I am such a BIG THINKER. I have big dreams, desires and goals, and I have taken risks and up-levelled in a crazy way every time to get there. I’ve walked away from fantastic jobs, great salaries, relationships and friendships that didn’t serve me anymore. Because I truly believe that we should go all out in the pursuit of our own happiness and dreams.

If you’re still reading, my guess is that you’re a big thinker too. You know that you are destined for amazing things, and that you can manifest it all! But you seem to find yourself stopping and starting, overthinking, spinning out on decisions (or not making decisions), procrastinating, hiding, getting stuck in confusion, and somehow getting in your own way. 

Honey, that’s what we call self-sabotaging. Welcome to my club!

There are a lot of factors at play here, and reasons why we manifest random obstacles and things that de-rail us. The important thing to know is that it doesn’t need to stop your greatness, and you can heal this pattern and develop a really unstoppable mindset.

I’ve built a successful coaching business despite my doubt and limiting beliefs. I’ve created a six figure income despite my tendency to procrastinate. I have a beautiful lifestyle and a wonderful relationship despite years of not thinking I was going to get what I wanted. 

And my reason for being here with you is to help you do the same - your dreams, desires and goals are important to you, and I’ll help you make sure that you reach them. The awesome business that's in your head is needed by the world - once you figure out how to get out of your own way, it becomes SO much easier!

No more dreaming of the day you’ll wake up and suddenly feel changed. Change starts within, and it starts today - I’ll show you how. Sign up to my email list to never miss an update from me, and follow me on Social Media with the links below. 

Lots of Love! 

Jen xoxo